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monitoring & reporting

Accurate data are the basis for making good business decisions. While advancements in technology provide access to more information than ever, only accurate, relevant data that are interpreted correctly will improve performance.

Do you use reliable, concrete data to make marketing decisions?
Are you satisfied with your current return on investment (ROI) in marketing?

Google Certified

As a Google Certified Partner, our team has access to a variety of data and metrics that can be analyzed to reveal the effectiveness of marketing activities. We are experienced in planning and managing search engine optimization (SEO) and Google pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns as key components in your digital marketing strategy.

We use Google Analytics (among other programs) to determine:

  • your website traffic and user behaviour.
  • the location of visitors to your site.
  • which search terms are used most often.
  • the links that visitors use to find your site.
  • what actions your site visitors take.

Data Analysis

Based on our analysis of relevant data, we can make informed marketing decisions and modify our approach to achieve optimal results for our clients. We help you interpret and understand the data so you can see exactly what’s working for you and what isn’t.

We can also analyze the data of competitor businesses, thereby helping you to avoid their pitfalls and emulate strategies that work for them. Using data about your industry, your business and your competitors, we develop long-term strategies to guide our approach to marketing your business.


Optimized by our team, we build campaigns that deliver results. To maximize your investment, we use your budget strategically. With data-driven marketing strategies, we target your budget where it counts to achieve your goals affordably.

We’re online savvy! Ask us anything about digital marketing and how creating a digital presence brings huge benefits to your business.

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