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advertising campaign design

Effective advertising helps define your brand as a trustworthy industry leader through memorable, influential, and meaningful communications. Creating a unique and engaging advertising campaign requires plenty of forethought, research and preparation.

In the rapidly evolving world of twenty-first century marketing, you need an agency that is agile when it comes to creating impactful ad campaigns. At A&G Creative, we stay one step ahead by constantly pivoting in our approach to reflect the most current trends in marketing.

While marketing fundamentals don’t change, your agency must be on the leading edge of technological innovation. And we are. Our eclectic and gifted team has the diversity of skills and breadth of knowledge to get you the results you need for unprecedented growth and business success.

Our creative process involves our entire team working together at various stages of the following process:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Clarify the purpose of the campaign
  • Strategize and plan
  • Use market research to determine the most effective medium
  • Create the advertisement
  • Test and re-test for efficacy
  • Plan timing of launch to maximize effectiveness
  • Analyze and evaluate results

We stay one step ahead of changes in media, and we can help you determine which medium best meets the needs of your ad campaign and aligns most closely with your brand. To maximize your return on investment we explore every possible advertising medium including:

  • Traditional print media
  • Local, national and international newspapers
  • Magazine and periodical ads
  • Television and radio spots
  • Facebook ads
  • Online pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Instagram ads and sponsored content
  • Content marketing and blogs
  • Promotional campaigns on trending platforms such as Tik Tok

We’re advertising savvy! Ask us anything about ad campaigns and how to create a campaign that delivers results immediately.

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