Large Format Graphics

From Trade Show Exhibitory Design to Locomotive Skins…

Large format graphic design, such as trade show booth design or vehicle graphic design requires specialized skill and design techniques to be able to design and manage artwork designed to be scaled up many times larger than the designer’s screen.  The files are absolutely massive and need to be built the proper way to ensure quality output.  In large format graphic design, as with life, what you put in is what you get out.  a+g media group have designed hundreds of large format projects.  These include restaurant wall skin designs, university wall mural designs, building mural designs, vehicle skin designs and dozens of designs for trade show exhibits.  Each project is approached and managed with care and quality to ensure the project is remarkable.

Drop us a line to discuss your large format graphic design needs. We’d be happy to further explain our process and why a+g are one of Vancouver’s leading creative design companies.

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